A successful minimalist decoration

A successful minimalist decoration

Minimalist decoration is the current big trend in interior design. The time is no longer for accumulation and compulsive purchases, that's for sure. Minimalist decoration is a sober, refined and functional decoration. No more unnecessary clutter! However, an interior that is too minimalist can quickly appear cold and without charm.

To succeed in your minimalist decoration, here are some tips that you should follow.

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Decluttering: the first step to successful minimalist decor

The very principle of minimalist decoration is not to live in the superfluous. For this, it seems quite obvious that ample storage is required. We need to put an end to the piles of letters and various documents lying around on the dining room table, the coats rolled up in a ball on the sofa, or even the children's toys scattered in every room of the house. Carry out a major sorting in your house, sort your belongings, furniture and objects, into four categories: to keep, to give away, to sell, to throw away. Then take action! It's about completely eliminating clutter. Get rid of anything you no longer need.

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Set up your minimalist decoration

For minimalist decoration, two main criteria must be respected: choosing neutral tones and investing in quality furniture. Here are some details.

Neutral tones : In a minimalist decoration, the ideal is to opt for monochromatic and neutral tones. For example, choose white, black, gray, or beige! Also avoid patterns, we said sobriety!

Quality furniture : The idea is to invest in quality furniture with clean lines, and whose style will last over time. Each piece of furniture must be functional. If it is of no use, there is no point in cluttering the space for nothing. You should only have what you need to live comfortably. Also remember to install adequate lighting, it is very important in a minimalist decoration. Floor lamps, wall lights or even pendant lights, you are spoiled for choice.

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Don't fall into the trap of unwelcoming minimalism

The risk with minimalist decoration is that we can quickly fall into the trap of a cold and unwelcoming interior. This is why it is necessary to adjust certain details. For example, don't hesitate to add a few touches of color here and there sparingly, of course, the atmosphere must remain minimalist! Don't hesitate to add cushions, rugs or throws, to warm up the space and also make it more comfortable. And why not a vase with a pretty bouquet, or a candlestick placed on a table, and a few frames hung on the wall?

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Now all you have to do is imagine the minimalist decoration that will suit you!

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