How to choose the size of a vase?

How to choose the size of a vase?

A beautiful bouquet of flowers brings color and a natural touch to your interior. And who says flowers says vase: but what type of vase to choose?

In order to showcase your flowers and preserve them for as long as possible, it is important to know how to choose the size and shape of vase that will best suit your floral arrangement.


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What size to choose?

There is a wide choice of vases on the market. The size of your vase must obviously match that of your bouquet. For the well-being of your flowers and to allow a certain aesthetic balance, it is advisable to choose a bouquet that measures twice the height of the vase.

Glossy Cow Vase by Jessica Hans - Hay
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Which shape to choose?

The shape of the vase should also be compatible with the flowers you will put in it. Here are the most common forms that you can find on the market:

The conical vase : The conical vase is wider at the top than at the base. It is ideal for a romantic style, or to add a wild bouquet; in fact, its fairly wide opening gives a certain freedom to country flowers. It also highlights large bouquets very well.

The soliflore vase : Almost unlike the conical vase, the soliflore vase has a wide base and a very thin opening. As its name suggests, it is ideal for holding one to three flowers only. Unsuitable for a bouquet, it will perfectly highlight a few dried flowers. Remember to adapt the size of the stem to the height of the vase.

The cylindrical vase : The cylindrical vase has the shape of a tube. The width of its base is identical to that of its opening. This shape is ideal for large bouquets and flowers with long stems.

The spherical vase : The spherical vase has a medium-sized opening, but a very large interior. It helps hold the flowers in place, while leaving space for the stems. Its rounded shape will soften the atmosphere of your interior.

Soliflore in blown bottle Klaas Kuiken
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What are the disadvantages of an unsuitable vase?

If your vase is too big or too wide, your bouquet will lose its structure. Its poor maintenance will give it a disordered appearance.

Conversely, if your vase is too small or too narrow, your flowers will lack space, will not be able to breathe and will wilt more quickly. If the bouquet is too large compared to your vase, it is also possible that your vase is not stable.

You now have all the keys in hand to choose your ideal vase!