String Furniture: Our Tips for a Scandinavian style

String Furniture: Our Tips for a Scandinavian style

Scandinavian design is known for its minimalist, functional and elegant aesthetic.

The String Furniture brand perfectly embodies this design philosophy, with its iconic steel wire furniture.

Since its creation in 1949 by Swedish designer Nisse Strinning and his wife Kajsa Strinning, the brand has conquered the world with its modular shelves and furniture for the home and office.

In this article, we'll give you our best tips for integrating String furniture into a Scandinavian interior, choosing the right pieces, colors and materials that work best together, and arranging the furniture in a functional and stylish way.

Whether you are looking to furnish a small room or a large living space, our advice will help you create an interior that is both practical and aesthetic, inspired by timeless Scandinavian design.

String system

The String Furniture brand: history and iconic products

His history

String Furniture is a Swedish design brand that was founded in 1949 by designer Nils Strinning. The brand became famous in the 1950s with the launch of its first modular shelf, which won first prize in a design competition organized by the Swedish magazine "Bonnier's Daily Journal".

Over the years, String Furniture has collaborated with many renowned designers and architects, such as Mats Theselius, TAF Architects and Stefan Borselius. The brand has also won numerous awards for its innovative and sustainable designs. In 2009, the brand was rewarded with the prestigious “Design Plus” prize at the Frankfurt trade fair, for its String shelves in recycled aluminum.

Iconic products

String products are distinguished by their clean, minimalist design, as well as their modularity and functionality. String shelves are arguably the brand's most iconic products, and they come in a wide variety of sizes, colors and materials.

The shelves are modular and can be configured in multiple ways to suit all storage needs. String modules are also very popular, as they allow you to create custom desks, bookcases and storage systems.

Pegboards from String are another popular storage solution, which makes it easy to store items such as magazines, books, and office tools.

String products are available in a wide variety of materials, including wood, metal, glass and plastic. The colors offered are also very varied, ranging from light and natural to bright and bold colors.

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String furniture for a Scandinavian style

String furniture is renowned for its minimalist and functional design, which harmonizes perfectly with the Scandinavian style. The brand offers a wide range of furniture for the home and office, but some are more suited to a Scandinavian interior than others.

Here are our best tips for choosing the String furniture that best matches a Scandinavian style:

  • The String modular shelf:
    The iconic piece of the String brand is the modular shelf, which has become a symbol of Scandinavian design.
    This shelf consists of steel wire side panels and wooden, metal or glass shelves, which can be modified and customized according to individual needs and preferences.
    By choosing shelves in light wood or glass, you can create an effect of transparency which will give an impression of lightness and modernity to your interior.
  • Coffee tables:
    Coffee tables are also very popular for their simple and elegant design.
    Made from solid wood or glass, they are ideal for a Scandinavian living room.
    By choosing a coffee table in light wood and simple geometric shapes, you will add a touch of natural warmth to your interior.
  • Desks and wall shelves:
    Perfect for a Scandinavian interior, where space is often limited.

    String wall shelves are ideal for storing books and decorative items, while desks are perfect for working or studying at home.
    By choosing a light wood desk and a steel wire wall shelf, you will create an interesting contrast effect that will highlight both materials.

By choosing String furniture that best matches your Scandinavian interior, you can create an environment that is both functional and aesthetic, which reflects the spirit of timeless Scandinavian design.

String furniture

Scandinavian design: characteristics and trends

Scandinavian design is a timeless style that originated in Nordic countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. This style originated in the 1950s and quickly spread around the world thanks to its clean and functional aesthetic.

Characteristics of Scandinavian design include minimalism, functionality, use of natural materials, light colors and organic shapes.

Minimalism is an important aspect of Scandinavian design, as it creates a clean and harmonious environment, where everything has its place and space is used efficiently.

Functionality is also a key element of Scandinavian design, as furniture and objects should be practical and useful. Natural materials such as wood, leather and wool are often used in Scandinavian design to create a warm and comfortable ambiance. Light colors, such as white, beige and gray, are also very present in this style, creating a calming and serene atmosphere.

Current Scandinavian design trends include the use of dark colors, geometric shapes and mixed materials.

Dark colors such as black and dark blue add depth and sophistication to Scandinavian interiors, while geometric shapes bring a playful, modern look.
Mixed materials, such as metal and wood, add a touch of diversity and originality to Scandinavian furniture and objects.

Colors and materials for a good Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is characterized by light colors and natural materials such as wood, linen, wool and leather.

By combining these elements with String furniture, you can create an interior that is both elegant and warm.

Here are our top tips for choosing the colors and materials that best match a Scandinavian style with String furniture:

  1. Colors: Light and soft colors are typical of the Scandinavian style. Tones of white, beige, gray and light blue are the most common. By using these colors for walls, floors and textiles, you can create a calming and welcoming atmosphere. To add a touch of color, you can use cushions, throws and decorative items in pastel tones.

  2. Materials: Natural materials are essential for a Scandinavian interior. Wood, particularly oak and birch, is a common choice for furniture and flooring. Linen and wool are popular choices for textiles such as curtains, cushions and rugs. String steel wire furniture harmonizes perfectly with these natural materials, creating an interesting contrast between the hardness of steel and the softness of natural fibers.

  3. Accessories: Accessories are essential for adding a personal touch to a Scandinavian interior. Green plants, candles and crafts such as wicker baskets and ceramics are common choices. By using these accessories with String furniture, you can create an interior that is both functional and aesthetic.

By using light colors and natural materials with String furniture, you can create a Scandinavian interior that exudes simplicity, functionality and beauty.

string furniture

How to use String furniture for a Scandinavian style

String furniture is designed to be modular and functional, making it perfect for a Scandinavian style. Here are our best tips for using String furniture to create a Scandinavian interior:

Use String shelves for elegant storage: String shelves are one of the brand's most iconic products. They can be configured in different ways to suit all spaces and needs. Use them to store your books, plants, decorative items or office supplies. String shelves in acacia wood bring an extra touch of warmth to your Scandinavian interior.

Create a functional office with String modules: String modules can be used to create a tailor-made office that meets your needs. Add shelves to store your books and office supplies, drawers for your papers and pegboards to hang your notes and photos. The String modules in white lacquered steel blend perfectly with the light colors and natural materials of the Scandinavian style.

Use String furniture as dividing elements: String furniture can also be used to divide a room into different spaces. For example, you can use a String shelf as a dividing element between your living room and your dining room. String steel wire shelves are light and airy, allowing light to flow and creating an open, welcoming space.

By using String furniture creatively, you can create a Scandinavian interior that meets your needs for functionality and aesthetics. String shelves, modules and perforated panels offer you great flexibility to personalize your interior according to your tastes and needs.

string furniture

What are the assembly possibilities?

Our tips for creating a perfect interior with String Furniture

I. Choosing the right String products

The first tip to create a perfect interior with String Furniture is to choose the right products. String shelves are undoubtedly the brand's most iconic products, but you can also opt for String modules or perforated panels, depending on your needs.

It is important to think about the space you have, as well as the items you want to store, to choose the most suitable products.

II. Use light, natural colors

Scandinavian design is known for the use of light, natural colors, such as white, beige and light wood. To create a perfect interior with String Furniture, we advise you to use these colors for your shelves, modules or perforated panels.

The light and natural colors will create a soothing and serene atmosphere in your interior.

III. Play with shapes and sizes

Scandinavian design often uses organic shapes and clean lines to create functional and aesthetic objects. With String products, you can play with shapes and sizes to create an original and personalized interior.

For example, you can opt for L- or U-shaped shelves, or use modules of different sizes to create a tailor-made desk.

IV. Add pops of bright colors

Although Scandinavian design is known for the use of light, natural colors, you can also add pops of bright colors to bring life and cheerfulness to your interior.

String shelves are available in a wide variety of colors, from dark blue to bright yellow, green and red. You can also add colorful accessories, such as cushions or decorative items, to brighten up your interior.

V. Playing with textures

Scandinavian design often uses natural materials, such as wood, leather and wool, to create a warm and comfortable ambiance. With String products, you can play with textures to add diversity and richness to your interior.

For example, you can opt for natural wood shelves, or add leather or wool accessories to create an interesting contrast.

How long do String products last?

The lifespan of String Furniture products depends on several factors, such as their use, maintenance and exposure to light and humidity.

In general, String products are designed to last a long time, thanks to their manufacturing quality and timeless design. The String shelves and modules are made of lacquered steel, a solid and resistant material, and the perforated panels are in lacquered MDF.

By taking care of your String products, cleaning them regularly and avoiding dents or scratches, you can make them last for many years.

However, it is important to note that the warranty for String products varies depending on the country and retailer, so I advise you to check the warranty terms when purchasing a String product.

Assembly ideas

There are many possible assembly ideas with String Furniture products, here are a few examples to give you an idea:

  • A bedroom storage solution: Use String shelves to create a bedroom storage solution. You can choose modules with drawers for storing folded clothes and doors for storing shoes or accessories.

string system

  • A modular bookcase: use String shelves vertically to create a modular bookcase. You can choose modules with sliding doors to store books and precious objects protected from dust.

string modular shelf

  • A wall of shelves: create a wall of shelves by assembling several String modules horizontally. You can play with the heights and colors of the shelves to create a graphic effect.

string system


String Furniture is a Scandinavian designer furniture brand that offers a modular and flexible storage solution for all kinds of interiors.

String products are durable, attractive and practical, making them an ideal choice for people looking for a storage solution that is both functional and stylish. Thanks to the modularity of the products, it is possible to create a tailor-made storage solution according to your specific needs.

Whether to create a wall of shelves, a modular bookcase, a functional workspace, storage in an entryway or a storage solution in a bedroom, the assembly possibilities are numerous.

Using our tips for Scandinavian style, you can create a perfect interior with String Furniture that reflects your personality and meets your practical needs.

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