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Completely modular, the String shelving system offers total freedom to personalize the look, dimensions and functions of your library.

The STRING system is made up of two metal uprights (beige, white, gray, black or metal) on which you simply insert wooden shelves (beige, white, gray, black stained ash, ash, oak or walnut).

All elements (uprights, shelves, boxes, etc.) are sold separately and are very easy to assemble.
You choose the number of uprights, the number and length of the shelves, you can add boxes…

No tools are required for assembly and the various elements are packed flat in lightweight packaging that can be transported by car.

The shelves and boxes can be arranged freely in the side uprights.

You have the choice between several types of shelves: simple shelf (L 58 cm or L 78 cm), magazine rack shelf (L 78 cm) or shelf with 3 integrated bins (L 78 cm). You can also choose a cabinet with sliding doors or with drawers.
The shelves and boxes fit easily into the side uprights, without tools. They can be freely arranged at the desired height.
They are very easy to assemble and disassemble: you can therefore change their place in the blink of an eye. The steel side uprights attach to the wall at 2 points: top and bottom, screws are provided.
To create your String composition, simply purchase at least 2 side uprights. If you want to expand your library, you can add a third or more upright.

The String system is being demonstrated in our store 22 rue André Del Sarte Paris 18th.
We will be happy to help you configure your own shelf:

you can visit us or contact us at +33 1 80 50 28 71 from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. or send us an email at

You can configure your own system online by following this link and order the references you will need on our site:

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Swedish STRING shelves were designed in 1949 by Swedish architect Nisse Strinning.

The STRING shelves were first presented in a competition (in which they won first prize) launched by the National Library of Sweden in partnership with the Bonnier publishing house.
The challenge at the time was to design a bookcase capable of combining aesthetics, low price and ease of assembly in order to equip the majority of Swedish homes.
Crossing the ages, the STRING system has become an icon of Scandinavian design.
The minimalist design of the STRING system has not undergone any transformation since 1949 and manufacturing has remained Swedish in their original factory.

Functional, modular, simple to assemble, and with a sober aesthetic, it will fit equally well in living rooms, in a bedroom or an office.
The String range has been enriched over the years: the shelves and metal uprights have been available in various colors and equipped with new accessories (newspaper racks, folding tables, cabinets with sliding doors, shelves with containers or desk trays).
The String Pocket model also appeared (mini wall shelf with three shelves) as a scale model in pop or uniform colors.