The Mytho interview
by Charles Eames

- "Draw me a sheep"
- “No! Design me a myth!
A true titan of intergalactic design thanks to some flagship creations notably combining wood, resin and fiberglass, Charles Eames, 117 years old and with Audiard-like verve, continues to leave his mark on the four corners of the globe.

Charles Eames
“With The Woods, I am going to blow up what will now be my most beautiful Parisian setting”

After a studious summer overhauling the visual identity of Saupiquet's head office in Vezoul, here he is at the helm of a Parisian project worthy of its excess: designing the decorum of The Woods gallery in the 18th arrondissement. Encounter.

ALAIN POSTEUR: For those who don't know you yet, you are to design what Saupiquet is to couscous and sausage: cult... (he cuts) 

CHARLES EAMES: You speak, Charles. 

ALAIN POSTEUR: Don’t be modest. If you had a few words to summarize your greatest creations? 

CHARLES EAMES: (Sipping his Perrier puck) Wooden splints for the wounded during the Second World War; the DSW chair (Dining Sidechair Wooden base) which at the end of the 1950s was the very first chair produced industrially in resin and fiberglass; the lounge chair , made of leather and wood... I'll stop, for the rest you have Wikipedia.

ALAIN POSTEUR : What led you to this project in partnership with The Woods gallery?

CHARLES EAMES: I had known Simon and Lauren since 2010, we met at a pony training course in Chaville. Lauren immediately captivated me with her modern vision of ready-to-wear and what she wanted to create; Simon had a beard like an asshole that commanded respect. And I thought he wore his Pegasus brilliantly. We also had this common passion for Beat 2 boule and Capone & Noreaga.
When the two of them had the idea of ​​setting up this gallery, it was quite natural that I offered to take care of the layout, the “color” of the furniture and the objects put up for sale.

ALAIN POSTEUR: What were your key words for this decoration?

CHARLES EAMES: Dwarf, finger, bar.

ALAIN POSTEUR: But still...

CHARLES EAMES : A dwarf , with the mischievous injected plastic statuettes designed by Ottmar Hörl. From the finger , with the irreverent resin sculptures of the artist Maurizio Cattelan - from the cactus too, with the emblematic piece from the transalpine publisher Gufram. And the bar, with chairs and armchairs of my creation, all in fiberglass.

ALAIN POSTEUR: One of your most famous trademarks, these chairs...

CHARLES EAMES : If you say so, commie. Besides, the Parisian barge had better not hang around, because with Simon's cheekiness, they go away like hot cakes.