Studio Job

Studio Job

The Studio Job design studio was created in 1998 by designer Job Smeets, a pioneer of design and contemporary art. In 2000, he was joined by Nynke Tynagel, whom he met at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, where he studied. Their team is made up of several young designers. The workshop is currently based in the Netherlands.

The Textiel Museum and Studio Job collection based on a classic design series reflecting the history of designers and the endless possibilities of the Textiel Museum.

A few words about the founder

Job Smeets was born in Hamont-Achel, Belgium. He then moved to Eindhoven to study at the Design Academy. During his studies, he created a design agency, called “Oval Design”, with Hugo Timmermans. In 1998, he decided to found his own art and design studio: this was the birth of Studio Job. Although he was joined in 2000 by Nynke Tynagel, his graphic designer partner, they decided to separate in 2015. To mark this event, they specially designed a bronze art piece called “The Train Crash table”. Today, Job Smeets resides in Milan, Italy, with his partner Rebecca Sharkey and his young son Elvis Sharkey-Smeets.

Studio Job and contemporary design

The success of Studio Job is not the least. His secret? Both modern and traditional techniques are used to create unique objects blending art, design and sculpture.

Studio Job Suite, Amsterdam

International recognition

Since its creation, Studio Job has continued to win the most prestigious awards in the world of design. The products created by the studio have been presented in numerous museums and exhibitions around the world. In 2009, the studio opened its own art gallery in Antwerp, Belgium. In 2012, Studio Job was named best designer of the year. The growing success of Studio Job has led its designers to work with numerous brands such as L'Oréal, Bulgari, and Swarovski. In 2017, he joined forces with the Italian design brand Seletti, with whom he founded the Blow brand.

Here are some products designed by Studio Job that you can find in store and on our website.

Hot Dog Canape here
Burger chair here

Street lamp street lamp here