Black for my interior

Black for my interior

Who has never thought that a black interior is too austere? The idea of ​​a dark interior can indeed be scary. However, it can be very elegant! You just need to know how to do it so as not to end up with a gloomy decoration. If you are a little hesitant about the idea of ​​a completely black interior, you can go with small touches, and add more as you go! Some people will only choose a few accessories, others will choose large pieces of furniture. The most fierce will choose black, from floor to ceiling! Here are our tips for integrating black into your interior according to your desires.

Black living room the woods gallery

A few touches of black

Starting by integrating a few black accessories into your decoration is a first step in becoming familiar with black. For example, you can buy a candlestick, a vase, a frame, or even black cushions. If you decide to add a little black to your decoration, know that gold goes very well with it. Why not combine the two? A few decorative elements in these tones, placed on a piece of furniture or on a shelf, will bring a touch of elegance to your room!

Dare a little more with black

Now that you have gotten used to having a few touches of black in your interior, you will easily move on to the next step: integrating black so that it becomes part of the dominant colors in your interior! To do this, focus on furniture: tables, chairs, sofas, beds, rugs... Be aware that black metal furniture, particularly floor lamps and side tables, are very trendy! Black marble is also. Why not invest in a beautiful marbled table? Also note that wood is a material that softens black, just like gray tones. If you are confident, you can even opt for a Black & White interior. Dare to use graphic flooring for example, refinement guaranteed! To start incorporating black into your walls, you can also paint the door and window frames.

Black, from floor to ceiling!

It's good now, the dark no longer scares you, and you even want more of it! For a total black look, we advise you to choose furniture with a refined design. Indeed, an entirely black and very busy decoration will not highlight the elegance of black. So that your interior is not too monotonous, consider mixing materials: tiles or parquet on the floor, velvet on the sofa, metal and marble on a table, or even patterned black wallpaper, you will find a wide choice in specialized stores or on the internet! Note, however, that an interior completely black can be very dark if not adequately lit. The ideal would be to have a certain number of lights and windows. A bay window overlooking the room would be perfect!

And that's it, it's up to you! You now have all the keys in hand to dare to wear black: in small touches or in a total look, find the style that inspires you! To finish this article, we leave you with a small selection available on The Woods Gallery website or directly in the Montmartre boutique.

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