String Furniture Shelf: Tips & Assembly Guide

String Furniture Shelf: Tips & Assembly Guide

Have you just purchased a String Furniture shelf and are wondering how to assemble it?

Don't panic, we are here to guide you through this important step!

String Furniture shelves are quality pieces of furniture, designed to last and stand the test of time.

They are also modular and offer great flexibility in terms of layout.

In this article, we will give you practical advice for assembling your String Furniture shelf and ensuring that you can enjoy your furniture with complete peace of mind.

String shelf

Check your equipment and prepare your workspace

Before you begin assembling your String Furniture shelf, it is important to check that you have all the necessary equipment.
Make sure you have all the shelf components, screws, bolts, dowels and tools needed for assembly. Also check that you have the assembly instructions and that you understand the different steps.

Once you've checked your equipment, prepare your workspace. You will need a clean, well-lit workspace, as well as a flat surface to assemble the shelf. Make sure you have enough space to work comfortably and to arrange the different parts of the shelf in an orderly manner.

Practical tips to make assembly easier

Here are some tips to make assembling your String shelf easier:

  1. Read the instruction manual that comes with the shelf carefully and make sure you have all the necessary tools before you begin assembly.

  2. Prepare your workspace by clearing the area where you will assemble your shelf. This will allow you to work more efficiently and avoid accidents.

  3. Sort all parts and screws according to their size and shape to avoid confusion.

  4. If you have difficulty inserting the screws, you can coat them with soap or petroleum jelly to make screwing easier.

  5. If you need to screw into a concrete or brick wall, it is recommended to use special dowels for better fixation.

  6. Don't hesitate to ask a friend or family member for help if you need a helping hand.

  7. Be patient and take the time to properly align each piece before attaching it. Good alignment will allow you to guarantee optimal stability and solidity to your shelf.

By following these practical tips, you will be able to easily assemble your String shelf without stress or difficulty.

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Assemble your String Furniture shelf step by step

Now that you have checked your equipment and prepared your workspace, you can begin assembling your String Furniture shelf. Here are some key steps to follow:

  1. Assemble the vertical studs: Start by attaching the vertical studs to the wall following the instructions provided. Use a spirit level to make sure the studs are perfectly aligned.

  2. Add the shelves: Once the uprights are attached, you can add the shelves. Insert the shelves into the notches provided on the uprights. Make sure the shelves are aligned correctly and secure them by tightening the screws.

  3. Add the hooks: The hooks are necessary to hold the shelf in place and to prevent it from moving or falling. Follow the instructions to install the hooks on the ends of the posts.

  4. Add accessories: Once the shelf is assembled, you can add accessories such as drawers, storage boxes or magazine racks. Follow the instructions to install these accessories.

  5. Finalize the installation: once all the elements are in place, check that the shelf is secure and does not move. Clean up your workspace and admire your new String Furniture shelf!

It is important to follow the instructions provided carefully and not skip any steps. If you have any doubts or encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact String Furniture customer service for assistance.

If you prefer a video tutorial, find the explanation of good editing by " Shoji Shoji "

Tips for maintaining the shelf

Once your String Furniture shelf is installed, it is important to maintain it so that it remains in good condition and lasts a long time. Here are some practical tips for taking care of your shelf:

  1. Avoid overloading the shelf by placing objects that are too heavy or bulky. String shelves are designed to support a maximum weight of 20 kg per shelf. Respect this limit to avoid deforming the boards or supports.

  2. Clean your shelf regularly with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using abrasive products or harsh detergents that could damage metal and wood surfaces.

  3. If you spill liquid on your shelf, wipe it up immediately to prevent the surface from staining or discoloring. Use a soft, dry cloth to remove excess liquid, then gently clean the affected area with a damp cloth.

  4. If you need to disassemble the shelf for transport or storage, be sure to follow the assembly instructions backwards. Remember to store the screws and nuts carefully so as not to lose them.

By following these simple tips, you can extend the life of your String Furniture shelf and enjoy it for many years to come.

How to personalize your shelf?

If you own a String shelf, you already know that you have a stylish and functional piece of furniture that can fit into any room in your home.

But did you know that you can personalize your shelf to make it even more unique and suited to your personal style?

Here are some ideas to personalize your String shelf:

  1. Use Colorful Storage Boxes – String storage boxes are available in many colors and sizes. Use them to add a pop of color and texture to your shelf.

  2. Add Plants – Plants are a great way to bring your shelf to life and make it feel cozier. Potted plants or small hanging plants can be placed on shelves or hung on hooks.

  3. Play with shelf layout – String shelves are modular, meaning you can adjust them to your liking. Try playing with the arrangement of shelves to create an interesting pattern or to add space for larger items.

  4. Hang Art - Use hooks to hang framed art or photos on your shelf. This adds a personal and original touch to your room.

  5. Add lighting - To highlight your favorite objects or to create a warm atmosphere, add lighting to your shelf. Table lamps or string lights can be placed on shelves to add a warm, welcoming ambiance to your space.

Using these simple tips, you can personalize your String shelf to make it unique and suited to your personal style. Have fun playing with colors, textures and layouts to create a shelf that suits you perfectly!


There you go, you now have all the keys to assemble and maintain your String Furniture shelf like a professional! By following these tips, you can be sure that your shelf will last for many years while remaining beautiful and functional.

Don't forget to take the time to think carefully about the arrangement of your shelves, as they can also serve as a decorative element in their own right in your interior.

We hope this article was useful to you and we wish you a pleasant and successful editing experience!

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